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CIP Real Estate

CIP Real Estate invests across all four real estate investment quadrants: namely, private and public real estate equity and private and public real estate debt. A team of 42 highly experienced professionals manages an extensive portfolio of domestic and international real estate on behalf of institutional clients, currently valued at over A$10.4 billion.

CIP Real Estate operate in two of the most significant markets in Asia-Pacific – being Australia and Japan. In Australia, we have invested since 1988 and currently manage 46 assets valued at A$8.8 billion. We have a ten-year track record in Japanese Real Estate investment and currently manage 17 assets valued at A$0.8 billion. In addition, our team partners with the Fixed Income team in the management of the Real Estate Debt portfolio of A$0.8 billion.


Japan46 assets valued at A$8.8 billion

Australia 17 assets valued at A$0.8 billion

The Real Estate team has a long history executing transactions for Australian and international clients and has developed a strong understanding of offshore structural and regulatory constraints and solutions to help clients maximise value. The preferred individual mandate approach offers investors direct control, a customised strategy and the opportunity to secure dedicated access to deal flow.

Source: Challenger as at 30 June 2019. Total value of A$10.4 billion is the sum of the reported Funds Under Management
(A$5.6 billion), Funds Under Advice (A$4 billion) and Real Estate Debt (A$0.8 billion, which is also included in Fixed Income).